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Danielle Simone Burren-Charles


           Danielle Simone Burren-Charles is a mixed media visual artist who lives and works in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the spring, summer and fall seasons. During the winters, she and her husband run a nonprofit organization which offers sports and cultural programs for children in need.

           Burren-Charles received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in Art & Design, with a focus on Drawing, Painting, Photography, Art History and she also has a certificate in Community Education. While in attendance at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, she received the Dorothy G. and Ruth M. Smith Fund Scholarship for the years of 2011, 2012 and 2013, as well as the Greater Milwaukee Foundation Scholarship for the years of 2011, 2012 and 2013. She was also a member of Phi Kappa Phi - UWM Chapter, and was a Golden Key Member. She has shown her work in the United States and internationally, specifically in the United Kingdom (London, England), Central America (El Ayote, Nicaragua - mural paintings), Thailand (Bangkok) and Vietnam (Ho Chi Mihn City). Burren-Charles was also a featured artist at the 2015 VMA awards, specifically for Miley Cyrus.

          Burren-Charles currently works both freelance and for her nonprofit organization as a commissioned artist (Painter, Illustrator), a Professional Photographer (, Photoshop Instructor, and Photography Instructor. She is based in the Midwest (WI, IL) and Southeast Asia (BKK, SGN), but will travel anywhere and everywhere. In her career, she has been an Area Arts Program Coordinator at the Boys and Girls Club of America, an Computer Program and Photoshop Instructor at Journey House, Inc. and a Female Youth Empowerment Coordinator at Journey House, Inc.

   Danielle loves to travel, make art, meet people and is a big believer in community service and education. She aspires to work in the arts for the rest of her life in any form she can, to eat dark chocolate for the rest of eternity, and also to be a parent to rescue dogs for the rest of eternity.